Thanksgiving With Essential Oils: The Sides

Thanksgiving With Essential Oils: The Sides

Today we are sharing Part II of the Holiday Cooking with Young Living…

Holiday cooking with Young Living Essential Oils


First things first. I want to remind you that it is so important to only use the highest quality essential oils in your cooking. You will be ingesting the essential oil through your food, so make sure you only use essential oils that you KNOW are safe to ingest. Most oils on the market explicitly recommend NOT consuming their oils. This can be for a variety of reasons: they are not 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils (even if the label says 100% pure, this is not a regulated term) which means they will have fillers or they may have been distilled using a chemical extraction method which would leave trace chemicals in your oil. If you see an expiration date on your bottle of oil (other than a citrus oil), that is a clue to you that they are not actually a PURE essential oil. Something else is in that bottle. Essential oils do not expire. This is why I only use Young Living Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils. Please take a look at the Seed to Seal information for more information about the quality of Young Living Essential Oils.


We talked turkey yesterday, but no Thanksgiving feast is complete without some delicious sides!


Let’s start with Cranberry Sauce! Yes! You can infuse your cranberry sauce with Young Living essential oils!



And what Thanksgiving meal is complete without Mashed Potatoes? It only takes a small amount of essential oil to pop the flavor in your food.



And of course, we need sweet potatoes to compliment the mashed!


And Lemon Butter Green Beans. So easy, so delicious!




And for dessert… The classic, but taken to the next level with Young Living essential oils!




So, what’s on your menu? Any other ways you will be adding essential oils to your menu?


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