Safe Cleaning

Safe Cleaning

I have found a secret to enjoying cleaning. Okay,  maybe that is overstating it a bit! But, I no longer have fears of toxicity for our children or for me. And the scent is fantastic!


In our home, we use Young Living’s Thieves Cleaner for nearly every cleaning need we have, from the kitchen counter to the toilet. I purchased the large Thieves Household Cleaner several years ago, and I’m still using the same bottle. It is so concentrated, that you only need a capful of the cleaner per spray bottle of water for most general cleaning purposes. While you will have a higher concentration for degreasing, I don’t find that I use the higher concentration nearly as often.


Thieves contains several Young Living Therapeutic Grade Essential oils, including Thieves and Lemon, which makes it a powerful, yet safe cleaner.


No more excuses, kids. You get to help clean now, too.


To find out how to purchase Thieves Household cleaner, at a discount, CLICK HERE.

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