Need a Little Pampering?

Need a Little Pampering?

Winter sure can make us feel less than pampered. Bundling up against the cold wind and the dry, warm air pumping in our homes… It all adds up to dry, chapped, and itching skin. And it’s only January.


I have a wonderful solution for you! Let’s take a mini holiday at home. I have a couple of simple recipes to share with you that will brighten your day and soothe your skin!


But, first things first! I cannot stress enough how important it is to use quality ingredients on your skin. Your skin is your largest organ. And it absorbs what you put on it. For our family, we only use the highest quality essential oils: Young Living. With its Seed to Seal guarantee, Young Living wins hands down compared to any other essential oil company on the planet. Quality you can trust on your children and on yourself.


First, I have a wonderful shaving cream recipe for you. Feel free to share with your husband for a smooth, soft shave for him also!


Soothing Shave Cream with Young Living Essential Oils.


Next, I think a good Sugar Scrub is in order. Imagine the glorious scents wafting from your personal spa…

coconut, lime, and mint sugar scrub.


And last, I have an amazing lip balm to share with you. You’re the Balm! The recipe makes several tubes of lip balm, so be sure to share with your friends! Or keep a personal stash…

Mint Chocolate Chip Lip Balm.


I purchase my labels from Evermine. They have wonderful waterproof labels that are predesigned, just waiting for you to personalize them.
I purchase bottles, jars, and lip balm tubes/tins at Elements Bath and Body.
I purchase some of the ingredients from Amazon, and others from my local health food store.
I am not an affiliate for any of these companies. I just like to share where I get quality products!


I get my essential oils from Young Living because it is the only company I trust to deliver quality essential oils 100% of the time. And, unlike the companies listed above, I do work with them  with referrals. If you don’t already have a source for your Young Living essential oils, I would be so grateful if you would allow me to partner with you to help you get started with a retail or wholesale account (which gives you 24% off of retail prices all the time!). You would order directly from Young Living, but I would be right here helping you with questions, concerns, education… anything you need as it pertains to essential oils. Feel free to email me at for more information. Or, if you already know you want to get started, you can use this link to set up your account. I highly recommend the wholesale account option with the purchase of the Premium Starter Kit. It’s about 50% off of retail to get the kit. It includes 11 essential oil singles and blends, as well as a wonderful diffuser! It’s a fantastic start!  As soon as I see your account activated with the purchase of the Premium Starter Kit, I will pop a wonderful welcome packet in the mail for you! It will include several helpful items for you to get started with Young Living, as well as a thank you gift for partnering with me in this wonderful journey!


Enjoy your little spa getaway/staycation! I hope you feel revived and refreshed!



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