How to Purchase Essential Oils at Wholesale Cost

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Becoming a wholesale member is quick and easy and gives you an instant 24% wholesale discount on hundreds of products!

Some of you are wholesale members at Sam’s or Costco, so you understand the benefits associated with wholesale buying. However, with Young Living, unlike Costco or Sam’s Club, you don’t have to pay a registration fee to join!

And forget about a yearly renewal! As long as you spend at least 50 pv (approx. $50.00) during the year, you’ll maintain your wholesale status! It’s that easy!


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*Although you can sign up for wholesale status with the minimum kits, these options will not qualify you for the free reference materials. Also, I have found that signing up with the premium kit is much more beneficial because it gives you plenty of oils to start experimenting with.

NOTE: This promotion is only offered to new Young Living members who sign up as wholesale customers (Independent Distributors) through Peppermint Posh Oils (#2530948) AND choose the “Premium Starter Kit.” This offer is only available to residents of the continental United States at this time. International customers are eligible, but must cover shipping costs.

In addition, when you choose the Premium Starter Kit, I will supply you with various educational materials that will help you get started using Young Living essential oils in your home. I believe it is important for you to know how to research oil usage, and so I like to provide some of those items for you.