Foot Soak… for 1000

Foot Soak… for 1000

I am making 1000 Peppermint Foot Soak packets to put into some Swag Bags for two craft fairs. 1000! Anytime you do 1000 of anything it is a bigger project than you might suspect.

bags ready to sew

But, the joy in this is that for 1000 items, it is relatively affordable and quick to do.

swag bags pile

As I am sewing these little babies, stuffing bags, stamping tags (yes, I hand stamped all of them…), I have ample opportunity to think, plan, dream. And you know what? These little bags would make great little gifts!

bags sewn

*You can tie them on to a gift and use the tag as the to:/from:  label
*You can put one in each Christmas card you mail out. Your card would smell wonderful in the mail! Wouldn’t you love a gentle Peppermint scent in your mail? How fun is that?
*You can add it to a little hostess thank you for all the holiday entertaining. You can add a note about using the invigorating foot soak after the outpouring of love they gave to you in their hospitality.


Small, simple, but so meaningful. Make a few, make 1000.


Peppermint Posh Foot Soak

Epsom Salts
Peppermint Essential Oil
Dried Peppermint Leaves (optional)


Mix together in a bowl. I usually let this sit for a few minutes to let the oils and salts marry one another. (I’m a romantic at heart…)
Put into glassine bags. Add tag, and sew along the top with a festive thread.


Amounts of each? Well, for a batch of 100, I used an 8 lb bag of the salts and added about 20 drops of Peppermint oil. I poured some dried peppermint leaves in (maybe 1/4 c?), and mixed it all together. I had a small bag of the leaves from a local health food store that cost about $2, and it was enough for all 1000 bags.

swag bags group


Pennies for each item. With 1000 things to put together, I didn’t want to spend very much money on each item. That could add up fast! And I like little touches like this that don’t break the bank!

swag bag w cards

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